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The unique way to pack your flowers

Meet Bluma

Bluma is a smartly cut flower bag that comes in a variety of designs and patterns. Wrapping the flowers in a Bluma bag takes only three moves. It is available in three versions: Open, Retro and Dot. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to adjust the bag size and put a note or a florist’s business card into slits.


Be innovative in packing and delivering your flowers

Bluma is the first ever flower bag that makes the transport a piece of cake. It combines ergonomics, ecology, and aesthetics, so that the process of flower packaging and delivery is simply better and more convenient!



Bluma is available in three versions:

Open, Retro, Dot – by larger orders overprint with own project is possible. Special cut at the side of the bag allows to put a business card or a note.



Flowers are very delicate and that’s why they require special protection. With Bluma, bouquets are protected from damage, and flower delivery is made more convenient. Now, carrying flowers while overloaded with shopping bags, biking, or taking a bus won’t be a challenge.


Bluma dimensions

Dimensions: 290 mm x 650 mm
Material: 100 % Paper
Volume: from 3 to 30 flowers
Extra: 3 type: Retro, Fun, Open, slot for bussiness card

Learn about the Bluma system

Bluma is not just a bouquet bag but a new approach to flowers, including flower wrapping, delivery, and display. Our smart system of display stands enables prominent bouquet exhibition and instant purchase based on the idea of Pay & Go.

Bluma – a 3-step composition.

The process of designing our Blumas required countless prototypes as well as tests at flower shops, which were supervised by floristry experts. In this way, we managed to create an intuitive packaging system – a Bluma bag can be folded in a few simple moves. Watch the how-to video on our YouTube channel.

step-2_0 1

Spread your Bluma flat on a table (printed side down). Place your flower composition in the center.

step-1_0 2

Fold the bag sides along the crease. For wide-spreading flowers, tear off the lower and/or upper perforation to make your Bluma bigger.

step-3_0 3

Use your thumb and index finger to grab the clips on the left side of the sheet and then gently push them through the holes on the left. Good job! You’re good to go!

Everything else you want to know about Bluma


How many flowers can Bluma hold?

Thanks to the precise design of our bags, you can pack flower bouquets of different sizes. One Bluma can hold up to 30 medium-sized cut flowers.


Can I order my own customized Bluma design?

Of course you can! Bluma is to inspire and develop creativity. However, the option of personalized design depends on the order quantity. If you have any queries, send them to


Where can I buy Bluma?

We are currently building our network of partners. You can meet them at flower trade fairs, for instance. Also, feel free to order Bluma bags on-line.


What is Bluma made of?

Bluma bags are made from carefully selected high-quality paper, which went through a variety of tests to meet the highest requirements.


What is the smallest number of Blumas I can order?

The minimum order quantity is 30 bags.


Is Bluma waterproof?

Bluma is made of high-quality paper which makes it resistant to dampness that accompanies cut flowers, usually immediately after they’ve been taken out of the vase (e.g. wet stalks).

Explore Bluma!

Bluma is available in four versions: Open, Retro, Dot and Heart. They are packed 30 bags each, which is the minimum order quantity.

Its countless holes form a beautiful openwork pattern. After it’s fixed, the bag resembles a traditional basket. It’s ideal for emphasizing the beauty of various bouquets.

Bluma OPEN

The abstract pattern refers to the 1960s style, highlighting intense flower colors, particularly different shades of red.



Timeless polka dot – fresh, light, and joyful. It goes perfectly with spring flowers, e.g. tulips or daffodils.

Bluma DOT

Dozens of green hearts, natural paper with flower compositions complete a gift full of filings.

Bluma Heart

Check Bluma in practice.

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Bluma – delivering emotions.

The story of Bluma is based on observations – we believe that less is more. The project was developed in close cooperation with florists and flower shop staff. We have created the world’s first bag for bouquets and cut flowers which is both functional and esthetically pleasing.


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